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A-Level Lesson Observation Pack

A-Level Pack - 7 lessons

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These A-Level lesson DVDs cover a range of subjects and are supplied with reports and judgements made by a qualified Ofsted inspector. Lesson judgements range from Requiring Improvement through to Outstanding.

Lesson DVDs packs include a CD with teachers’ lesson plans, lesson report and judgement, evaluation forms, and a range of continuing professional development.

Lessons are:

A2 Psychology
This mixed ability group of students are introduced to a campaign designed to prevent recreational drug use. They are encouraged to talk about the design of the campaign and who their target audiences are, how it might be deployed, issues etc. This will lead on to the group designing their own campaigns in following lessons.

Click here for a video preview / lesson plan.

AS Sociology
This lesson focuses on modern family structures, co-habitation and marriage. Students discuss the diversity of social relationships in groups and come to conclusions.

Click here for a video preview / lesson plan.

AS Biology
This class have been looking at lung structure, ventilation and disease. In this lesson students learn how to use a spirometer and are introduced to key terms. Pulmonary ventilation rates are measured and results from the spirometer are analysed.

Click here for a video preview / lesson plan.

AS Electronics
After 8 weeks of the course students have been introduced to logic gates in a practical way with logic boards. They have now moved on to Boolean algebra as a means of mathematically expressing logic problems. In this lesson the look at traffic light systems and make use of bullion algebra.

Click here for a video preview / lesson plan. 

A2 Maths
In this lesson the class look at finding minimum spanning trees from a matrix. In previous lessons the students have been introduced to finding minimum spanning trees using Kruskal's algorithm and Prim’s algorithm.

Click here for a video preview / lesson plan. 


AS Psychology

Students are introduced to the strange situation experimental method and the attachment behaviours associated with it. Students engage with the option of role play or commentary to explore and demonstrate their learning humorously, but without losing focus on the task. This practical approach encourages conversation about the various attachment behaviours.

A2 Communication and culture

In this lesson learners apply the Marxist theory that they have been learning about over the previous week in preparation for the critical theory part of the exam. The focus of this session is Madonna's Material Girl music video, and the aim is to apply critical theory to this case study. Once understood, students will move on to a music video of their own choosing.



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