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Modern foreign language (MFL) Pack - 4 Lessons

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This observation package includes four secondary modern foreign language lessons (MFL).

Pack contents

  • DVD containing lesson, teacher introduction and feedback.
  • CD-Rom with lesson plan, Ofsted feedback report, question prompts for staff training and more.

Mediamerge's filmed classroom observation resources can be used in a variety of ways to provide continuing professional development opportunities for new and existing teachers in your school/college. Lessons include Ofsted feedback and a range of supporting materials to deliver effective CPD.

Lessons are:

Year 7 French 

Topic: Using à accurately

In this lesson students learn to be able to use à accurately. The context of the lesson is talking about places in town.The lesson is made up of listening, speaking and reading activities. Finally, students assess each other’s learning using flash cards.


Year 7 Spanish

Topic: Activities and percentages

In this lesson students learn to say how often they do an activity, understand sentences about free time and produce sentences of their own.


Year 9 French

Topic: Names for body parts

In this lesson students revise the verb ‘avoir’ and learn parts of the body in order to say if they hurt. Behaviour in this lower ability group is carefully managed by the teacher and all students are encouraged to participate and work together. Finally pupils complete a match up exercise of newly learnt vocabulary.

Year 10 Spanish

Topic: Talking about going on holiday

In this fast-paced lesson, students learn how to talk about going on holiday.This is the first lesson of a new unit of work. Vocabulary for questioning is being revisited using a combination of activities. Students will be able to say/write about where they normally go on holiday.




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