Year 6 Maths

Year 6 Maths (NQT) - Venn and Carroll diagrams

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Internal classroom observation
Seaside Primary School is a school that moved from Requires Improvement to Outstanding.
This lesson was observed by the head/deputy head and forms part of the teacher’s performance management review and appraisal.
This resource includes a filmed feedback session with the teacher and head/deputy head, along with a written report based on their live observations of the videoed lesson.

Topic: Venn and Carroll diagrams

This year 6 middle ability group looks at Venn and Carrol diagrams in preparation for SATs.
In the main task they pick questions from past papers, and using the skills they have learned previously, such as multiples, square numbers and prime numbers, they sort the data into diagrams. Activities are distributed around the class so pupils move around to complete them. The TA supports a visually impaired pupil as a talk partner and for initial session input whilst also pushing the most able pupils.

Pack contents

  • DVD containing lesson, teacher introduction and feedback.
  • CD-Rom with feedback criteria and report



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