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A-Level lesson observation

Aquinas A-Level Pack

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Aquinas A-level lesson observations

These lessons were professionally filmed in the last year and include lesson plans, professional feedback reports, and additional resources to use in staff training and development.

The filmed lessons and support materials promote discussion and encourage reflection to improve observation skills and your own practice.

Lessons included in this package are:

Year 12 Maths - Critical Path Analysis

The topic for this year group is decision Mathematics. Previously they looked at setting up network diagrams based on critical paths, and this lesson focusses on putting the numbers in. They also revisit prior learning including Dykstra's algorithm and recapping methods from core Maths.

Year 12 History (trainee teacher) - 1951-1964: Position of woman and attitude to immigration and racial violence

Students look at social developments between 1951 and 1964, specifically the position of women and attitudes to immigration and racial violence. The teacher starts with a question and answers whiteboard exercise based on the homework set, looking at the position of women in society.

Year 13 Geology (trainee teacher) - Geological maps

This year 13 class looks at applied geology and the development of an airfield and a dam site, including the geological consequences of building these sites. The class is divided into two teams, where one looks at the airport site whilst the other looks at the dam. They have to consider geological reasons for developing the sites from a company perspective. The two groups then present to each other reasons for and against the developments.

Year 13 Biology - Gene probes and genetic screening

This year 13 Biology class have about 11 weeks till their exam and this is the final topic area for the specification (topic 8). It revolves around gene probes and genetic screening and they will look at gel electrophoresis to have a better understanding of this.

Year 13 Performing Arts - Practical piece using music, dance and drama

In this lesson, students will be working on their practical exam paper (G404). They have already been given a stimulus and commission to devise a practical piece with the target audience in mind that must incorporate music, dance and drama. After a quick recap of prior learning, the groups warm up, rehearse, and refine their performances. Finally, they perform and evaluate each other's work.

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Excellent collection!
These are the best observations I've found to date!
A good opportunity to see teaching in action. Great resource!
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