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Vocational Qualifications pack

Further Education Pack: 5 lessons

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These vocational (NVQ) lesson cover a range of subjects and are supplied with reports made by a qualified Ofsted inspector. Unlike other observations, reports are based on the video evidence rather than the lesson itself.

Lesson DVDs packs include a CD with teachers’ lesson plans, lesson report, evaluation forms, and a range of continuing professional development.

In this pack you get:

Level 2 Hairdressing
Practical session based on commercial salons.

In this practical session learners work with real clients. The video follows the progress of one student, from greeting the client through to taking payment. Students complete live cuts with clients and are summatively assessed. The teacher prompts and supports them in their work, offering advice and guidance on technical aspects, e.g. demonstrating the mixing of bleach solutions.

This will lead on to the group designing their own campaigns in following lessons.

Click here for a video preview / lesson plan.

Level 2 Carpentry
Door Hanging

In this practical session students gauge the margins around the door, mark out the positions of the hinges, cut the hinges into the edge of the door, and transfer the hinge cut outs on to the frame. They then square the markings out, cut the hinges into frame, position the door and put it in the frame.

Click here for a video preview / lesson plan.

Level 2 Plastering
Fitting Angle Beads

In this practical session students are challenged by questions about their previous experience and having to recall the detail of their learning. They apply themselves well to practical tasks, and think about the practical implications of their trade and the need to accommodate to other trades.

Click here for a video preview / lesson plan.

Level 3 BND Health
Major Life Events

In this lesson the class look at major life events and how lifestyle factors influence development. Students recall some of their previous learning in the unit of study, then discuss, compare and share ideas.

Click here for a video preview / lesson plan.

Level 3 Sport
Freestyle Ultimate Frisbee

In this ultimate frisbee session the students warm up and revisit simple catches, then move on to intermediate catches watching video demonstrations in between. They assess their catches and record feedback for each other on the technical aspects of catching.

Click here for a video preview / lesson plan.



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