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Learning Difficulties: Different Brains

Learning Difficulties: Different Brains

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Learning Difficulties: Different Brains

How are the brains of people with learning difficulties different and how can we help them?

This film covers four main areas:

  • Dyslexia
  • Dyscalculia
  • Attention Deficit
  • Autistic Spectrum

Using models and diagrams, Mike Bell explains how the latest research can help teachers both understand their pupils and improve their learning. Weaknesses in one area can sometimes be strengths in another. Since all the skills of the brain can be improved with practice, we include proven methods to help students in each of the four areas.

What’s in the pack?

This resource contains 2 videos. 

The first, Brain Essentials, looks at the models and diagrams we can use to understand the brain without the complex language used by specialists.

The second, Different Brains: Learning Difficulties Looks at the four main types of learning difficulty, explains how the brain is different and how we can help develop the weak skills.

Video 1.  Brain Essentials (15mins)

Main Brain areas:

  • Vision, hearing, touch, action and speech.
  • Reading, writing and Language

Making memories:  Neurons and synapses

Skills for thinking:  Paying attention  Working memory

Video 2.  Different Brains: Learning Difficulties (45 mins)

Ch1: What are Learning Difficulties? (10 mins)

  • Difference or Difficulty?                                        
  • Symptoms and causes                                         
  • On a spectrum
  • Is it genetic?
  • What about diet?

Ch2:  Dyslexia: Difficulty reading and spelling (15 mins)

  • Five reasons a student may have the symptoms of dyslexia:
  • What are causes and advantages of a ‘dyslexic’ brain
  • Ways to help dyslexics.                                                                 
  • Famous people with dyslexia.

Ch3:  Difficulty with Maths (5mins)

  • Difficulties shared with dyslexics
  • Dyscalculia: trouble with number

Ch4:  Attention Deficit: difficulty holding attention (6 mins)

  • The sleeping brain
  • Executive function
  • Improving attention
  • Famous people with ADHD

Ch5:  Autistic Spectrum:  difficulty knowing the thoughts of others (5mins)

  • Why a spectrum
  • Mirror cells
  • Training the skills
  • Famous people with autism


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