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Evidence-Based Teaching + How Brains Learn

Evidence-Based Teaching + How Brains Learn

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What is Evidence-based teaching all about?

Agriculture, medicine and industry all use evidence-based methods which are decided by what works best in experiments rather than custom and practice, or merely tradition. Teaching is becoming this way too: we now know which teaching methods are consistently reliable and effective in the classroom. We also know more about how people learn than ever before. These two resources cover the most effective methods of teaching, as proven by the evidence, and how we actually learn.

What is in the pack?

Presented by leading experts, this pack includes two seperate resources, The Top Ten Teaching Methods & How Brains Learn, both focused on evidence based practice, that can be used to deliver staff training.

Both How Brains Learn and The Top Ten Methods offer practical advice and printable resources to help you deliver high impact staff training again and again, embedding evidence-based methods into teaching in order to improve student outcomes.

Evidence-based teaching: The Top Ten Methods

This video-based resource covers ten of the most effective teaching methods as identified by thousands of experiments conducted worldwide. The video is presented by Mike Bell, with many methods explained by Geoff Petty, author of Evidence-Based Teaching.

Each method is explained and then, in most cases, you see the method in use in real classrooms by ordinary teachers (filmed by Mediamerge’s “Classroom Observation” specialists).

This pack also contains a CD with a printable booklet of supporting material for the DVD.  It includes links to books, websites and training sessions related to Evidence-Based Teaching.

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'How Brains Learn'

Using the latest research, Mike Bell explains, in a jargon-free and accessible way, how the brain learns, why some students find learning difficult and how we can help them learn more easily.

After studying this video you will better understand:

  • The learning process
  • Why some students find learning difficult, and forget so easily.
  • Why some topics are harder than others.
  • Why some commonly accepted views about learning are myths
  • Why some teaching methods work so well.

With this new knowledge you will be able to improve learning.

What’s in the pack?

The pack contains 2 DVDs and one CD. 

What is covered?

DVD 1: Brain basics

  • How learners receive information
  • Learning and memories as links
  • Checking, securing and organising memories

DVD 2: Higher Order Thinking

  • Skills needed for thinking
  • Why some topics are harder than others.
  • Developing abstract and ‘higher order’ thinking

CD:  Supporting documents and activities

The CD includes an outline of the videos and also activity sessions, making this a valuable resource for staff training and professional development.

All materials and activities have been tested in Mike’s staff training sessions.

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